I am an ordained Interfaith Minister and official Massachusetts Celebrant for weddings and other Interfaith ceremonies such as Baby Blessings, Marriage Vow Renewals, Memorials, and Celebrations of Life. Rituals are important to mark our transitions and joys along life’s journey. I would be delighted to create a service to meet your individual needs and goals.

Interfaith means that I understand and honor all the ways of the Spirit in different faiths. Religions are not all the same, and there is a mystery about knowing the Divine. Ultimately, it is not about agreement at the level of theology, but about a shared inner journey to the Light. In their descriptions of God, or Source or Universe as our Ground of Being, all faiths have many similar things to say about Ultimate Reality. Exploring the Wisdom Traditions of the world can deepen own faith while strengthening the bonds of spiritual community among all human beings. Transformation and transcendence are two key words to describe the purpose of spiritual and healing practices across traditions. Whether our goal is as straightforward as reduced stress, forgiveness of ourselves or others, or a perhaps a yearning for Union with God, we can explore together the depth of energetic connection we sense between Source, all humanity and the natural world. While I have deep roots in Christianity but I have found much strength in exploring the rituals and teachings of other faiths that touch the heart and soul. The mystic heart is what yearns for more and cries from the depths for God.