Spiritual Counseling and healing practices seek to connect the person with their inner wisdom and truest self. Finding out we are not alone in the universe, that we all get “bent” (C. S. Lewis) by life’s hurts, deepening and expanding our connection to the “Other” is the joy and certainty of the journey. The 13th century mystic Rumi says “The wound is where the Light enters in.”

Spiritual counseling offers companioning, guidance and supportive faith along that journey to the Light. It can help with life issues from a spiritual perspective.. Releasing the energetic connections to pain, finding our own “Aha” moments of self understanding, all bring about the ability to be new and carry ourselves differently in the world.

A variety of techniques, including guided meditations, exercises, and long distance and hands-on prayer and energy healing modalities are available to release blockages, increase understanding and enhance our ability to listen to our feelings and intuitive connection with God, however we define that concept.

All faiths and spiritual practices are transformational if approached as if God/the Universe is listening and cares, beyond our just following the rules. . Services can be inspirational and touch our hearts, but nothing replaces personally putting words to our own experience and feelings. Sometimes that is hard to do—western civilization has put an emphasis on our thinking and less on our feeling. Misplaced efforts to cover our feelings with what is considered right behavior can keep ourselves separated from what really bothers us. Becoming aware of our deep drives and clearing and releasing bound energy in hurt and repressed parts of our selves helps us find our true selves, our true spirit, and connect with the true spirit of others and Spirit of the Universe or God. This is the spiritual journey and the promise of joy and freedom. Key questions include:

  • What am I longing for?
  • How can I change?
  • Are there hopes or joys have I given up on?
  • Where do I find solace?
  • What could use help from the Divine?

Be encouraged! God loves us deeper than deep, and is there to transform our distress into healing, our confusion into understanding, our sadness into new life. Being willing to open our hearts will bring us into the Light!