Gratitude is often the evidence of trust and faith in God, and the lack of it may reflect emotional struggles to do the right thing while feeling the wounds of past hurts or efforts to love that seem not to work….It’s a place where do’s and don’ts are good but not permanently effective against the weight of the struggle.

The importance of faith is the hope of transformation and healing of these emotional anchors that drag on our ability to experience being new—of experiencing the gospel promise of joy (not the same as happiness) as a rock bottom pillar in our soul, and the ability to love and be loved with full compassion and lack of self -or- other judgements.

Healing is not just for physical ailments. Healing is for our inner transformation—to experience understanding for those emotions or behaviors we don’t like and healing for the hurts that probably caused them. We find God unbinding our hearts and experience resurrection like Lazarus!. We bring issues to Light and experienced God’s love entering in.

The body, mind, and Spirit are all connected. Healing is about uncovering our core spirit made in the image of God so that we can become more and more like Him. We know emotions affect the body—think of falling in love and how it makes you feel! Think of being mad at someone and how that feels, Negative emotions that are not brought to Light can actually make us sick!

God is not distant: He is right here. Jesus’s incarnation brings that promise. We find Him with more power when we are open with our needs for prayer in our faith community. I have never seen God not answer prayer in one form or another. Sometimes, healings are instantaneous, sometimes the path home involves a journey-perhaps forgiveness, perhaps a surrender of judgements, trust issues, or perhaps a sense of life long events which combine together to cause disappointment and a sense of separation from God. God may also be working with other people in your life—I have seen all of it in my life.

We become community when we share what’s on our hearts. Then we see “where 2 or 3 are gathered,” we see God. Healing prayer time is offered with the above intentions. Please feel free to come for prayer or in praying for others. I would like this time for prayer to become the norm in all the churches, as I think it was for the early Christians..

With love and prayers for all, Rev. Susan Waldrop