Let the Spirit shower you…

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Weddings & Interfaith Celebrations

The Spirit connects us within and without to each other, to nature, to the Source of all that is. Personal and creative weddings, baby blessings, memorials and rituals can be designed to speak your heart and honor all the events of your lives.

Spiritual Counselling & Healing

“The wound is where the Light enters in.” This quote by Rumi, a Muslim mystic, sets the tone for understanding ourselves and others as full of possibility, and the intention of the universe to bring us all home with love. Spiritual Counselling & Healing honors the inner-wisdom and connection to Spirit within all of us. Listening is the heart of any healing path. I am familiar with many faiths, techniques and modalities that can contribute to our growth.


Photos celebrate that which goes by too fast for the eye to fully appreciate! Love of nature, the beauty of love in animals and people, the connections with life and events that make for fond memories are all sources of inspiration for your unique photo opportunities.


Events sponsored by Windows on the Spirit.


IMG_2153_2_2_3I am delighted to introduce myself and Windows on the Spirit. I have had a spiritual core in my life, even while I was a teacher and coach. Recently, I felt called to develop that core into a professional presence as an Interfaith minister and spiritual counselor. I was ordained as an Interfaith minister in June 2014 and finished my program in Spiritual Counseling in June 2016. Truly, I have discovered that there are many names for God or the Universe, and many ways Spirit works in the world.  Key questions we can ask each other are “What is God (or the Universe) teaching you today? Or, “What touches your heart and helps you connect to Spirit?”

There is so much collective wisdom in all the traditions and we are learning many ways that concepts of God share much at the heart level. When we learn to love and appreciate one another and our paths to higher consciousness, I suspect our dogmatic differences will fade in significance.

My ministry is interfaith—exploring and experiencing the many worshipful ways of Spirit and learning the ways wisdom and truths about living are mirrored in each faith. While I have deep  Christian faith and roots, I have been touched by transformational rituals from many faiths.

Spiritual Counseling helps people find healing and their connection to God in the working out of life issues. C. S. Lewis said we can get “bent” by life’s hurts and struggles: spiritual counseling and healing prayer can bring God’s love and energy into places which have become closed or wounded.

Faith isn’t about rules, except at a very basic level: it’s about connection and love between all humans, and The Source of all love.

Come and join me in the conversation!

I am available now for creative weddings, baby blessings, funerals and rituals that celebrate any of life’s group events. Spiritual Counseling is available on an individual or group basis. Workshops on Forgiveness, Grief, or other topics are a possibility.

Even as you are reading this description of me and my ministry, I pray you will be encouraged to keep faith alive and that God loves you deeper than deep.

Blessings, Rev. Susan Waldrop


  • One Spirit School of Interfaith Spiritual Counseling, will graduate in June 2016
  • One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, 2012-2014. Ordained Interfaith Minister June 2014.
  • Eastern Michigan University, Masters in Elementary Education 1994
  • Brown University, BA in Urban Studies, 1972
  • Phoenix and the Rose School of Healing, 2012
  • Avatar Master, 2012
  • Munay Ki Initiate, 2010
  • New York School Of Photography, 2004.


Previous Teaching Career:

Pioneer, advocate, organizer and teacher who has created, developed and taught PE curricula at private elementary and middle schools.  Founded and served as Head Coach of acclaimed jump rope team that participated in Junior Olympics. Implemented Health and Wellness Curriculum Grades 4-6. Retired June 2012 to move to Martha’s Vineyard and develop spiritual growth with ministry and counseling training.

Current Service Experience:

  • Island Clergy Committee, 2014 to present
  • Deacon, The Federated Church of Edgartown
  • Visiting Nurse Association Home Health Aide

Current Professional Organizations:

  • Spiritual Directors International, 2014 to present

Current Spiritual and Photography Experience:

  • Spiritual Counseling/Healing for several clients.
  • Started and maintain Healing Prayer Time, 3rd Sunday of the month, Federated Church
  • Workshop on Forgiveness, March 19th, 2016 Federated Church
  • Wedding Assistant to Peter Simon, Fall 2013
  • Wedding Officiant and Photographer, 2015
  • Golden Days, photography book self-published in 2012
  • VHYC Photographer for yearbook, 2012 to present.
  • Rev. Terry Martinson

    Susan initiated and is currently responsible for the Healing Ministry at The Federated Church...

    "I appreciate Susan's ministry at The Federated Church. I have participated with her in the healing service on several occasions. I am touched by her insight and her compassion. Participants in the service sense that their concerns are carefully heard and that their spirits are lifted by Susan's prayers and the laying on of hands."
  • Rev. Amy Edwards

    I witnessed Susan’s work in my role as the former pastor of the Federated Church...

    "...Susan has a wonderful, intuitive sense and great skills at prayer that enable her to assist in healing."

“Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames”

— Rumi